Panzer Digest  #10
(Summer 2012)
Minden Games
Panzer Digest #10

PANZER DIGEST #10 (Summer 2012) is now available.  This 48-page issue contains two World War II wargames, including rules and components, plus over a dozen wargame reviews for your enjoyment. 

EBEN EMAEL is a solitaire, tactical-level game simulating the German glider assault of the Belgian fortress on May 10, 1940.  The game uses point-to-point movement, turns representing approximately eight minutes, and squad-sized units.  The player--representing the Germans--must first get his gliders to the target safely, and then, after landing, neutralize all the gun points atop the fortress in eight turns or less.  Includes: complete rules, 57 color, thick card uncut counters, mapsheet.

PANZERSCHIFF is a two-player tactical-level naval game simulating World War II naval combat.  The game comes with full rules, historical scenarios, 12 oblong battleship counters in color, on thick-card and uncut, and Reference Card.  To play, you must supply a chess or checker board, as ships will be moved there.  This is an introductory level game, with a nice bidding mechanism that will be of interest to competitive players and veterans.  

Panzer Digest #10 will be shipping on or about June 21.  Orders will go out on a "first received/first sent out" basis.  If you haven't ordered yet, do so today and save a dollar off the retail price.  (Use the Paypal link provided below.)  This offer may be withdrawn without notice, so order today!
Contents of issue #10 (48 pages)

  --From the Editor
  --Eben Emael game instructions
  --A Rationale for Small Wargames (article)
  --Panzerschiff game instructions
  --Thumbnail Wargame Reviews
Across the Pacific (PacRim); Chariots of Fire (GMT); Dawn's Early Light (Lock'n'Load); B-29 Superfortress (Khyber); Germantown (GMT); Utopia (Rio Grande); Battle for Normandy (GMT); Leaping Lemmings (GMT); Jena 20 (VPG); Battle of Antietam (DDH); Tide of Iron (Fantasy Flight); Liberty Roads (Hexasim); Arduous Beginning (VPG); Serpents of the Sea (GMT)
  --The Last Word

  Inserts:  one map, one Reference Card, one counter  sheet.

Publisher:  Minden Games
Release Date: June 2012
Retail Price:  $14.95

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